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Reusable Briefs Products
Two-Piece Pant and Pad System for Ladies and Men's

Two-Piece Pant and Pad System
  • Natural looking panty and undergarment, Waterproof crotch panel for ladies and Nylon/Urethane crotch panel for men's.
  • Waterproof, Wide waistband, Comfortable, looks masculine for Men's
  • Full cut , Plain styling, nylon/lycra stretch fabric for a touch of control for Ladies.
  • One brief per package
Moisture Proof Cover-Ups with Breathable Panel for Men and Women

Moisture-Proof Cover Up
  • Designed to hold absorbent pads, panties or diapers
  • Made of soft, white plastic-coated nylon
  • Lightweight yet strong and will not tear
  • One brief per package
CareFor One Piece Brief with Waterproof Safety Pocket for heavy incontinence and lighter weight for moderate incontinence

One-Piece Brief With Waterproof Safety Pocket
  • Reusable Brushed Polyester Brief with newly designed waterproof Safety Pocket
  • Keeps liquids locked into a multi-layer soaker
  • For men and women with heavy incontinence
  • One brief per package
One-Piece Protection For Daytime Bladder Control for men and Women who need bladder control protection during the day

One-Piece Protection For Daytime Bladder Control
  • Discreet. Looks like natural underwear
  • Separate styling for men and women.
  • Built-in super absorbant pad keeps skin dry
  • One brief per package
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