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HYsupplies Home Helathcare is committed to provide its customers Quality Home Helathcare Wear at an affordable price. We have a lng line of products ranging from HelathDri Briefs & Panties, Disposable Pads, Liners & Under, Reusable Underpads-Chair Pads, Reusable Briefs,Patient Gowns, Bibs, Slippers, Bedding and DiabetiCare Foot Creams.

Featured Products
Holofiber Diabetic Med-Crew Socks
HealthDri™ Foot-Friendly Diabetic Socks Designed for Comfort and Protection
$ 14.94
Product Details
Lace trimmed yoke, puckered sleeves and a gently fitted bustline
$ 19.59
Product Details
Disposable Pads and Liners
Aqua-Gel™ Disposable Liners For Light Absorbency
$ 94.88
Product Details
Reusable Underpads
CareFor™ Deluxe Designer Print Reusable Underpads
$ 17.27
Product Details
Men's Cotton Briefs
HealthDri™ reusable briefs offer complete protection with the look, feel and care of regular underwear.
$ 19.26
Product Details
Two-Piece Pant and Pad System
Premier™ Reusable Natural looking panty made of of nylon/lycra stretch fabric.
$ 10.84
Product Details
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